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SEO for Doctors

Patients used to choose a family doctor and stayed at the practice until he or she retired, but today's landscape looks quite different for medical practices. Patients tend to move around a lot more nowadays. They jump online and find closer or (better) doctors, and/or their insurance changes and they are forced to find a new primary care doctor. As a physician, you need a steady stream of patients in order to keep revenues steady so SEO for doctors becomes vital to steer new patients in your direction.

SEO for doctors is the simple practice of optimizing your website to appeal to search engines and attract potential customers searching for a new local doctor. Proper website optimization is the best way to ensure that you continue to attract patients to your practice. Hiring someone to handle your local doctors SEO strategies for you is relatively painless. In terms of marketing costs, SEO for doctors has one of the highest ROIs making it worth the investment.

What is Doctors SEO?

Quite simply, doctors SEO is the process of optimizing your website so that you rank high in organic search results in various search engines. Search engines are constantly evaluating websites and looking at who updates and offers new content on a regular basis. Local SEO for doctors ensures that search engines like what they see and move (or keep) your physician website near the top of the search results.

The top organic search result has an approximate 33% click-through rate followed by a drop to 18% for the second search result and then the numbers drop dramatically. Getting on the first page of search results is not enough if you want to build your clientele base, Noble Webworks can help you boost your SEO for doctors so you can watch your website rank rise up the results page. Our efforts are easily measurable, as you will see an increase in patients and online scheduling requests as your website moves up the local search results.

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Why do Doctors and Dentists Need SEO?

Last year 90% of consumers used a search engine to find a local business. It's a safe bet that some of those searches were for local doctors and dentists, but unless you have employed solid doctor SEO practices, your medical practice was not in the results. That means you are missing out on a huge potential patient base, but if you hire Noble Webworks to handle your local SEO for doctors we can help you draw those searchers your way.

Proper doctors SEO can help your medical practice rank in a variety of searches including searches for specialized treatment and for those looking for general practitioners. Effective local SEO for doctors can help you increase leads and create a regular stream of new patients for your practice which will increase revenue and help you build a firm practice that is notable within the community.

Benefits of SEO for Doctors?

There are many benefits of SEO for doctors when an optimization campaign is launched strategically by a trained SEO team. Some of these benefits include higher rankings for both practice and specialties, improved traffic to your website, a positive online reputation, and a higher number of patient reviews.

These days a large percentage of potential patients head online to read reviews and investigate a physician before making an appointment. By offering the information they need in an accessible format you will gain notoriety as a local healthcare leader and boost your patient numbers. If this sounds like a winning combination, then it's time to give Noble Webworks a call.

How is SEO for the Healthcare Industry Different from Traditional Marketing?

SEO for the healthcare industry is vastly different from traditional marketing because it is very dependent on local traffic and your long-term goal is not to rank highly as an industry authority. Instead, the goal of doctors SEO is to appeal to patients and web visitors that are within your immediate area. Therefore, there is a stronger focus on building a local profile and developing a strong Google My Business profile.

92% of search engine searches are still run off of Google, which means that your Google My Business profile is essential to building strong local SEO for doctors strategy. Traditional SEO is usually about opening up a company to national traffic, but physicians and dentists don't need to appeal to patients hundreds of miles away, they need to hone in and focus on the ones strictly in their local or regional area. Thus, the best SEO for doctors strategies involve ranking high to areas within close proximity of the actual medical office, which Noble Webworks can assist you with.

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6 Tips for Your Doctor SEO Strategy

The shift towards local search rankings has made an effective doctor SEO campaign within every medical practices' reach. Whether you are a private practice with one or two physicians or a large medical center, Noble Webworks can help you build a measurable SEO strategy with revenue-boosting results.

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Optimize for Local Search

In the past, you had to optimize your website by maintaining current and modern content, but the appearance of local SEO searches has changed the game. Now different factors that create customized local searches come into play including how close a searcher is to a provider, the quality of your GMB (or if you even have one), and your overall reviews and rankings. Therefore, you need an SEO company that understands the new demands of local SEO for doctors.

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Create Original Content

Content is still king on the internet, so even medical professionals need to build up the original content on their websites or social media pages. However, you probably have more important things to worry about, which is why Noble Webworks is happy to take over and build content in the form of videos, blogs, articles, and more.

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Think 'Mobile-First"

The vast majority of searches are done on mobile devices these days, so it is of utmost importance that you optimize your website for mobile use. Google will not only penalize you if your website is not optimized, but your conversion rates will drop drastically. Therefore, the first step of most SEO for doctors' strategies is to ensure that your web presence is mobile-friendly.

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Review Your Keywords

At this point, it probably does not come as a surprise that you need to refocus your keyword strategies to hone in on local keywords. There are dozens of ways you can integrate both primary and long-tail keywords into your content and backend technical SEO strategies, and Noble Webworks is here to help you complete this very important step of doctors SEO strategy.

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Address Page Load Speed

One new addition to the Google algorithm that is now heavily weighted when assigning websites a search ranking is their page loading speed. If your website graphics are hefty or you have a poor web host that results in long loading times you can kiss visitors and high search rankings goodbye. As part of our doctors SEO packages our graphic design team will analyze your website to make sure the page loading times are up to par with current standards.

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Optimize Your Linking

Internal and external links are a great way to use anchor text that identifies what the topic of a website is while also increasing its authority in searches. Noble Webworks will help your website utilize internal links wisely and build valuable backlinks to create a meaningful linking strategy that boosts your search rankings.

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Local SEO for Doctors

At this point, it should be very clear that local SEO for doctors is vital in your overall SEO strategy if you want to grow your new patient traffic. New potential patients are living in your community searching for a new doctor right now - it's our job to make sure the doctor they land on is you. Noble Webworks can help your practice rise to the top of the search results through comprehensive local SEO strategies.

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Improve Your Rank on Google

The first thing we will do is build and/or refine your Google My Business Profile. Then we will perform a thorough web design audit to see where your website may be underperforming and create an effective doctors SEO campaign strategy that addresses these areas. The result of our efforts will be an improved Google rank.

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A citation is defined as any online mention of a medical practice or physician's name, phone number, and address. They can occur on online directories, within healthcare websites, the Yellowpages, and social media. Regardless of where your citations appear, we can help ensure they are positively helping the value of your doctor's SEO and not detracting from it.

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There are dozens of free healthcare directories online that you may or may not be listed on. It is vital that you control the narrative of your physician profile on these directories by inputting accurate and current information. Google often ranks your business based on how accurate your profile appears, and the more directories have accurate information that coincides with your listing the better the results.

The Importance of Local SEO for Healthcare Workers

At its core, local SEO strategies aim to increase the visibility of your website profile online. As a healthcare provider, establishing your authority builds the trust level of your patients, and this is enhanced with an authoritative presence online and this is done by appearing at the top of search engine results.

However, very few businesses start at the top of search engine rankings, even medical websites. As a healthcare provider, you don't have time to spend hours crafting the perfect doctors SEO strategy, which is why Noble Webworks is here to help

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Choose Noble Webworks as the Best Healthcare SEO Company to Increase Your Sales

A lot of medical practices saw their outpatient visits drop over the past year and a half as people started to put off what they deemed as non-emergency visits such as physicals or bi-annual follow-ups. Some practices saw a decline in outpatient visits as sharp as 60%, which means now they have to find a way to boost their profile and encourage new and old customers to re-enter their doors.

The best way to do this is by allowing Noble Webworks to craft the best SEO for doctors campaigns. SEO strategies offer a high ROI that is continual and the benefits of SEO for doctors are endless when executed properly. We can help you execute a solid campaign that will increase your new patient visits and in turn help to drive new revenue streams back into your practice.

We Are Client-Focused

At Noble Webworks we are client-focused because we know how it feels to be a small practice in the midst of large conglomerates and medical systems. We can and we will focus on your local potential client base and help you direct them towards your practice via effective doctors SEO campaigns.

We Deliver Results

We provide all of our clients with monthly reports and analyses so that we can back up our claim that we deliver results. Not only can we promise you a high ROI on your SEO for doctors' marketing campaign, but we can show it to you in terms of web traffic and conversion rates. Give us a call today to get started working on your customized package.

We Practice Transparency

As mentioned, Noble Webworks is happy to work side-by-side with our clients so that you know what is happening every step of the way and where your investment in the best SEO for doctors is going. We will first perform an audit of your website for current SEO best practices and then sit down to discuss the results and where there is room for improvement. After we agree on an SEO service package that is carefully customized to meet your needs, we will provide monthly check-ins that show progress supported by comprehensive reports.

We Use Website Data Wisely

Speaking of reports and audits, we use the website data we gather wisely. With the same precision as a surgeon removing a cyst, we carefully mine data to create actionable information that we can then use to implement powerful growth for your practice. If you want the best SEO for doctors, you want us.

We Are Always on Time

Nobody wants to waste time. Whether you are a small or a large business owner, medical practice or sole dentist office you need to see results in a timely manner. We are a small business also and we understand the importance of keeping our word and staying on time and within budget.

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What is SEO for Doctors?

SEO for doctors is a specialized form of local SEO that helps your practice achieve a high search ranking and positive image online to help prompt new patients to visit your clinic and/or medical practice.

Is "SEO for the Healthcare Industry" Still Important?

SEO for the healthcare industry is more important than ever as most private practices have seen their outpatient visits fall due to the global pandemic. Strong doctors SEO campaigns can help these practices identify and attract new patients.

What are the Benefits of SEO for Physicians?

There are many benefits of SEO for physician offices including higher website traffic which translates into new patients and higher revenues, ad-free marketing, higher search rankings for certain specialties and treatments, and a stronger online reputation as a safe and valuable healthcare ally.

How Much Does Healthcare SEO Cost?

The best way to determine how much healthcare SEO costs is by contacting Noble Webworks. Every medical practice has a different presence online, the best way to determine your needs is by performing an SEO and web design audit.

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