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SEO for Real Estate

Just a few short decades ago if you wanted to find a home you had to rely on a real estate agent with knowledge of the local real estate market to help you. These days the internet has made it easy for potential homebuyers and sellers to do their own market research online. Most searchers tend to go with the first real estate company they find that looks appealing and has a home for sale they like - you want that real estate company to be yours.

Proper real estate SEO practices are what make your website the one they click on versus your competitors. Over one billion people use Google, and it's a pretty safe bet that most of your potential real estate clients do as well. You want to be at the top of the SERP (search engine results page) on every search so that you can steer customers your way.

What is Real Estate SEO?

The ultimate question then is how do you steer customers to your website? That is where strategized real estate SEO practices come into play. SEO services are geared towards optimizing a website from front to back so that search engines view it as authoritative and a leader in local searches.

The top five search results carry with them a click-through rate of over 70% which means if your website doesn't rank within the top five on the SERP for a specific keyword you probably won't see much traffic. However, if you have a professional handling your SEO for real estate they will properly optimize your website so that you rank high in local searches which in turn will boost your web traffic and increase your website conversion rate. The end result of real estate SEO is therefore a boost in clients which translates into a boost in profits which is why realtor SEO is known for its excellent ROI.

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How Can SEO Help Your Real Estate Business?

One of the main issues that faces a successful real estate business is the large overturn of customers. Once a client has purchased a home they seldom need another one within the same decade if not ever. Therefore, real estate agents need to continually keep building new client rosters, and real estate SEO is the best way to do so.

Noble Webworks helps locally based real estate companies and independent realtors build their web presence online so that search engines direct potential clients to them. Most people only click the top few results. With proper real estate SEO services your company will be at the top of the list waiting for them. If you want to scale your real estate business, trusting a real estate SEO consultant is the way to do it

How is SEO for the Real Estate Industry Different from Traditional Marketing?

Traditional marketing is based on the idea of building a client base and then retaining it, but as just discussed, real estate agents seldom work with the same client more than twice (if that). Therefore, your entire marketing campaign needs to be based on acquiring new customers and new listings which effective real estate SEO campaigns can do.

95% of people use the internet to find a new home, and out of those 54% report that an internet search was the first step they took towards buying a new home. Your audience is clearly out there, and via effective SEO for real estate services, Noble Webworks will help them find you.

Real Estate SEO Services Offered by Top Real Estate SEO Agency

When you work with Noble Webworks we offer an array of real estate SEO services based on the individual needs of your company and the existing shape of your website. We usually start with a website and SEO audit to detect strengths and weaknesses and then go down the following checklist to see what areas need to be fine-tuned and which real estate SEO services would be of the most benefit to your company.

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Keyword Research & Strategy

One of the most important aspects of your real estate SEO services is keyword research and strategy. Your keywords need to incorporate local terms that describe the area you operate within. Noble Webworks uses several research tools to ensure that your website is properly optimized for a number of different popular keyword searches both long-tail and short so that you receive the bulk of local traffic instead of just a few targeted searches.

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Link Building

Effective internal and external link-building campaigns are an excellent way to build authority and increase rankings on SERPs, but they can also hurt you if not properly executed. As a real estate SEO consultant that specializes in helping small and large local real estate clients, we will help you build and launch an effective link campaign and review your link profile to make sure current links are relevant and active.

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Content Writing

There is more to building content than tossing in a keyword every 100 words. Content creation is a complex, intricate, and very necessary aspect of real estate SEO. Our company will help you build strong, optimized content on every page of your website from the initial homepage to client reviews to press releases and actual real estate listings.

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On-Page SEO

While it is impractical to optimize every single listing, given they change frequently. As part of SEO for real estate agents you might work with a list of potential keywords you can use as headers or within the text. Alternatively, you can choose to hire us to create your website listings to ensure they are properly optimized and will attract potential home buyers who are looking online.

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Landing Page Conversion

The goal of every real estate SEO campaign is to increase the number of landing page conversions that occur daily. This is also a sign of whether or not your real estate SEO is working. If you see a boost in landing conversions you know your strategy is working; if you don't, then it is a sign that you need to readjust your strategy and try again.

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Local SEO

Local SEO is extremely important to real estate SEO strategies as almost all of your target audience is searching for local results. Therefore, locally based keywords, a strong Google My Business profile, and the creation of city-specific content can help strengthen the results of your local optimization goals.

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Technical SEO

There are a lot of technical SEO elements that a real estate SEO consultant can identify that you may not if you are attempting to handle your own real estate SEO. For instance, mobile searches accounted for around 51% of all internet searches last year, but only 13% of leading desktop-optimized websites were able to stay at the top of the SERPs. Due to poor mobile optimization on the backend, they were buried when the same search was run on a mobile device which is why you need a qualified company to handle your realtor SEO if you want consistent results from all platforms.

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Web Design and Development

Outside of mobile optimization, there are many elements of web design that can impact the performance of your real estate SEO efforts. Loading speeds and backend coding also play a large role, which is why at Noble Webworks we analyze every component of your website as part of our comprehensive real estate SEO packages.

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Social Media Management

Believe it or not, your social media profiles can be optimized to help boost the profile of your website while also driving traffic to your website and increasing conversions. In today's world, a local realtor who is tech-savvy and an experienced networker can benefit from having a strong web presence- and we can help you build that presence via our strong social media management team.

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Why Do You Need Our Real Estate SEO Services?

If you want to increase your customer base and scale your business, then you need our real estate SEO services to kickstart your growth. Effective real estate SEO can save you the costs and stress of other traditional marketing efforts and offer you a higher ROI in return.

• Rank Higher

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As explained earlier, a higher rank in the SERPs means a higher level of traffic to your website. For realtors, this means the ability to reach more buyers and sellers and once the higher ranking is achieved almost instantly leads to higher conversion rates and better returns.

• Drive Traffic

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There are only so many ways to organically drive traffic to your website. One method is a targeted social media campaign and the second method is building your SEO for real estate agents campaign. Noble Webworks can help you with both.

• Get More Clients

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As mentioned, the client base in a realtor's office is constantly evolving. While excellent service can promote word-of-mouth recommendations, the most reliable way to get more clients is via effective real estate SEO. If all of your potential clients are online searching for new homes, you need to be online right beside them.

• Longevity

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A billboard, Facebook post, or television commercial will only last for a contracted period of time and then you will need to revise your marketing campaign to continue to lure new customers your way. Effective real estate SEO that is maintained will hold your top search engine ranking indefinitely. There is no such thing as having too many customers in the real estate world, so you need to choose the marketing technique that is going to build your client list.

Does Real Estate SEO Really Work?

Absolutely. In fact, the real estate SEO technique works because your customers are on the web looking for homes. The trick is to get them looking on your website. If you achieve a high search ranking online you will get customers and Noble Webworks can help make that happen.

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5 Tips for Your Real Estate SEO

Ready to jump into the world of SEO for real estate agents? There are several foolproof tips that will almost always help you increase your SERP ranking and your web traffic by default. Here are a few of our favorite insider tricks.

Include Local Keywords

Your real estate SEO strategy will only work if you optimize your website to the right keywords. Within the real estate industry location is everything, so you need to make sure that you utilize local keywords. Not sure of the right local keywords- we can help!

Use the Address in Your Header Tags and Body

A lot of people who see a home for sale will simply search the street address and wait for a listing to pop up in the search results. You can help your agency be the first one that does by including the home's address in both the header tags and body of a listing's content.

Optimize Your Images

Believe it or not your images play a large role in your realtor SEO strategy, especially given the fact that your website is probably loaded with them. Smaller images that load faster are preferred over large images by almost all platforms. Draw attention to your images and increase their SEO value by naming pictures carefully, optimizing alt attributes and thumbnails, and taking advantage of image sitemaps.

Engage with Customers on Social Media

These days social media is a goldmine for real estate agents who want to reach straight out to customers. Social media can be used as part of your real estate SEO strategy, to reach out to customers, to market your real estate business, to market listings, and/or to gather reviews. A smart realtor will use it for all the above.

Consider Content Localization

Content localization is the process of taking content and rephrasing or rewriting it to meet the needs of the target audience based on their location. In the world of real estate, this is more powerful than you might think. The needs and lifestyle of someone in NYC is much different than the needs and lifestyle of someone in rural Michigan. In other words- cater to your customer base.

The Importance of Local SEO for Real Estate

The importance of local SEO for real estate really cannot be overstated. Real estate is very much about location, location, location and you need to target customers in your proximity. Google takes the proximity of searchers very seriously now, so optimizing your website to match your customer's location is one of the best proactive actions you can take to boost your SERP ranking.

If you learn nothing else, remember to choose local keywords and then optimize your website both on and off-site to match. While it may not be enough to take you to that number one spot, it will help move your website up the page. Want to get to the top of the page- Noble Webworks can help make that happen by adding in a variety of other traditional and technical SEO services.

Choose Noble Webworks as the Best Real Estate SEO Company to Increase Your Sales

Right now the housing market is super-charged, so we get that you are super busy as a realtor moving clients into and out of their homes. With the competitive bidding wars and housing shortage, missing a showing or scheduling one a few hours later in the day can result in a missed sale. Therefore, you might not have time to work on your real estate SEO strategy, but we do.

At Noble Webworks we pride ourselves on offering top-of-the-line real estate SEO services that are catered to the needs of our clients. The same way you customize your approach to match your client, we customize our real estate SEO packages to meet the needs of your business, location, and clients. Give us a call today to speak with our real estate SEO consultant and get one step closer to boosting your conversions.

We Are Client-Focused

As mentioned, at Noble Webworks the client always comes first. We know the importance of getting work done quickly and effectively and always deliver results that are tailored to your real estate business. SEO is not one-size-fits-all, which is why we perform an audit and offer custom services to each and every client.

We Deliver Results

Noble Webworks offers all of our customers monthly reports because we want you to see the results of your real estate SEO campaign. When properly executed, an optimized website will always outperform one that was not and we have the portfolio of past successes to prove it.

We Practice Transparency

Our monthly reports are just one way we practice transparency, there are several more. From the first day we meet and talk about your website objectives to monthly check-ins and your website audit, Noble Webworks goes the extra mile to ensure our clients always know what is going on with their website.

We Use Website Data Wisely

There is a never ending amount of data generated by an active website, but not all of this data is useful. We mine the data that is relevant and utilize it to correct weaknesses in your current real estate SEO strategy and strengthen what is working. The result is a powerful website that delivers a high conversion rate.

We Are Always on Time

Once again, time is of the essence in the real estate industry right now, and we relate. When we promise a delivery time we stick by that promise. Every one of our projects is launched on time and on budget, which is one reason why we have so many satisfied repeat customers

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Of course, you don't have to take our word for it. Simply look at our portfolio to see some of the brilliant web designs we have created for clients in need of custom web design in Sarasota. If you are looking for custom web design near me, Noble Webworks is the only logical answer.

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At Noble Webworks we look at every client as a potential bragging point. When we build your custom web design in Bradenton we are also adding to our local portfolio. Your success is our success, and so we take custom web design more seriously than any of our competitors which is just another reason we are the best custom web design companies in the southern Florida region.

Custom Web Design Lakewood Ranch

We also offer the best custom web design solutions to Lakewood Ranch clients who want to take their websites to the next level and improve their ROI. One of the cornerstones of effective custom web design is leaving room to scale and grow a website along with its company. Noble Webworks is able to offer you a custom web design that will get your website off the ground along with maintenance and continual support as your business needs change.


What is Custom Website Design?

A custom website design is a website design that is completely unique to the company it is built for. It is not built from a pre-existing template and will offer your business a competitive edge when built correctly.

Why Hire a Custom Website Design Company?

Historically companies that opt for custom web design and development experience a higher ROI compared to those that choose to use template-based websites. In addition, custom websites can be tailored to meet the specific needs of a target audience and are much more responsive.

How Much Does a Custom Web Design Company Cost?

Every single custom web design company has its own price structure, so this question is impossible to answer. In addition, different businesses require different levels of custom web design, so it is always best to consult with a custom web design company in Bradenton if you need a quote.

How Long Do Custom Website Design Services Take?

Once again, this is a question with many variables. All websites have different needs, back-end structures, content requirements, and eCommerce adaptations. The best way to get an answer to this question is to contact Noble Webworks for a consultation.

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