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Customer Reviews Management Services

Looking to draw more customers for your business? Want to make it easier for potential customers to find your website? Though there are lots of different factors at play, one important thing you should be paying attention to is reviews.

Reviews are an important factor in Google’s search algorithm. When businesses use reviews properly, they can increase their visibility in search engines and attract new customers.

Positive reviews don't just happen, they need to be cultivated through outreach and effort. That is where we come in. We have a proven system that will grow your positive online reviews and improve your star rating score.

Local SEO: A big reason why online reviews are so important

Today’s customers begin their search for products and services online, and these searches increasingly take place on mobile devices. Mobile searches are growing at 146% year over year, and the number of “near me” searches almost doubled in 2015 alone. Customers turn to their smartphones to find local businesses. How do you show up on page 1 of search results? By optimizing your local SEO.

What is local SEO?

Local search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of optimizing every place your business appears online so search engines can deliver relevant results to customers based on their locations.

With great local SEO, customers can find your business whether they’re searching directly for your brand or browsing for products and services you provide. It has tremendous benefits: organic search results receive 90% of clicks, and users favor the local results .

Local search ranking factors

What is involved in a local SEO strategy?

To kick off a strong, targeted local SEO strategy, you should:

• Make sure your NAP data (Name, Address and Phone Number) is accurate and up-to-date across your website and all maps, directories, apps, search engines, and social media networks it’s listed on.

• Consistently collect customer reviews as social proof of your business’s credibility, and manage these reviews to prevent problems from escalating

• Enhance your business listings with local content like announcements, photos and incentives, as well as links back to your website.

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How Online Reviews Benefit Your SEO

After star ratings, review quantity is the second most important factor forming a consumer’s opinion of a business. Most people feel comfortable with businesses that have at least 7 to 10 customer reviews . Okay, so just stack up 7 positive reviews and you’re golden, right? Not necessarily.

Credibility and relevance go hand in hand: a whopping 69% of customers agree a review must be written within 2-3 months to be considered relevant.

Not only do customers prefer active review pages — Google does, too. Google ranks web pages by degrees of freshness . Queries about upcoming or recurring events require constant refreshment, as do searches for frequently fluctuating updates like “best washing machine” or “Fiat 500 reviews”.

Due to Google’s preference for freshness, review signals are the fifth most influential factor in SEO . “Review signals” include not just quantity and freshness of online reviews, but several additional elements:

• Review velocity: How quickly your business is accumulating reviews, both on each site and overall

• Review diversity: The number of third-party sites (not Google-owned) you have reviews on, as well as how many reviews are on these sites

• Authority of third-party sites: Google bestows some review sites with greater authority than others

• Volume of testimonials in reviews: The reviews used in rich snippets--these are the star ratings that show up beside your business in search results

• Quantity of Google Maps reviews: Reviews originally posted on Google Maps, where Google’s reviews first started

• Relevant keywords: Keywords related to your product or service are helpful in moderation–don’t go overboard with stuffing or it’ll come back to bite you

• Quantity of authoritative reviewers: Posts from reviewers who are more established on certain sites have more authority

The Importance of a Comprehensive Review Strategy

Of course it’s helpful to have reviews on top sites like Google and Facebook, but they aren’t the only sites that matter. Industry-specific review sites are extremely valuable resources for consumers in search of specific products and services, and their focused content often leads to higher conversion rates. Someone reading reviews on an industry-specific site is usually further along in the purchase process and has a solid idea of what they want.

For a comprehensive review approach, begin by:

• Finding sites that your customers and prospects frequently turn to when researching products and services like those your business offers.

• Focusing your review generation and review management efforts on these sites.

Industry specific review sites
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Improve Business Operations

Negative reviews are a form of constructive criticism and should be taken to heart, as they come from the people that know best how your business is performing: your customers.

Use negative feedback as an opportunity to learn where to make improvements in processes, training, or product development. With real-time review management, you’ll always have an up-to-date picture of your customers likes and dislikes. This way, instead of making decisions based on wild guesses, you know exactly what you need to work on in order to make a meaningful impact.

Making focused improvements based on customer feedback demonstrates transparency and proves to your customers that you care how they feel. This not only increases customer loyalty, it also boosts positive word-of-mouth which brings new customers through the door.

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Respond to Negative Reviews

While improving operations in the long-term, make sure to manage immediate issues as well to prevent emerging issues from escalating and win back customer loyalty. Take these three crucial steps to turn negative feedback into positive experiences:

Don’t react, respond

Fight the impulse to jump into defense-mode. Instead, carefully consider where the customer complaint is coming from and respond calmly to avoid a heated debate. Remember, your response is public, and what you say determines how other potential customers view your business.

Offer a solution

Don’t just leave it at “I’m sorry”. Prove that you’re taking steps to solve the issue and prevent it from happening again. Your reply should be personalized and authentic rather than a generic canned response so the customer knows you actually took the time to read their review.

Follow-up in private

Refer the customer to a customer experience representative or a relevant employee who can effectively fix the problem. This allows for a more in-depth conversation and shows you’re willing to take as much time as possible to ensure every customer is satisfied.

Maximize the Power of Happy Customer Voices

Customers today don’t trust traditional advertisements. Catchy taglines and banner ads don’t influence purchasing decisions. When trying to determine the business that best suits their needs, customers trust other customers most: 84% of customers trust online reviews as much as recommendations from family and friends.

Getting new reviews is the first step. Next, leverage great testimonials for what they are: rich, relevant marketing content. Promote them to your social channels, company website, and business listings so wherever customers come across your business, they can read about real experiences from existing customers.

Online reviews give customers an accurate representation of your business, and when they see extensive praise from happy customers, they feel more comfortable purchasing from you because they know what to expect.

Why You Need an Online Review Management Platform


Too often, customers are asked for reviews too long after a transaction has taken place and since they’re no longer thinking about your business, they don’t care enough to leave feedback. Reaching out while the customer is still on-site keeps review requests relevant, drastically increasing conversion rates.


Even when a customer loves your business, rarely will they take time on their own to log onto a review site and leave feedback. The more steps involved in leaving a review, the less likely a customer is to complete them. A great platform makes the process easy and convenient, so even the customers with the shortest attention spans can see it through to the end.


For an accurate view of the customer experience, you need a real-time picture of all your feedback from all sources. Funneling all feedback into one clean dashboard makes it easier to manage, understand, and take action on.


Customer feedback doesn’t slow down when you step away from your desk. You need a platform that works the way you do, that you can take with you wherever you go.

Why Noble Webworks Review Platform?

The reviews platform helps you use customer reviews to their full potential and gives you control of your online reputation from the ground-up.

Online Presence

Keep your business information consistent across 50+ sites and directories, and constantly scans for missing or inaccurate listings and fixed them in real-time.

Review Generation

Our platform sends your customers SMS or email review requests immediately after a transaction, then directs customers to third-party review sites of your choice. Easily collect new reviews on a consistent basis without any extra work on your end.

Review Management

Real-time new review alerts ensure you don’t miss a word and allow you to respond instantly to negative feedback.

Review Marketing

Auto-promote your best reviews to your website, social channels, and search engines. Our platform also creates a customized SEO-optimized microsite for your business displaying your best reviews from 200+ sites along with up-to-date business information.

One Dashboard

Monitor, manage, and analyze your reviews and ratings from all sites in one place, in real-time.

Mobile App

The mobile app fits full-circle reputation management in your pocket, so you can keep up with feedback and reports anytime, anywhere.

Setup Done For You

We take care of the heavy lifting. We setup the system with your input and get it running smoothly so that you can just sit back and watch review score increase. The system is mostly automated so your main task will be to address any customer issues that may arise.

We get it - sometimes it's easier to speak with a real person. Please call us to discuss your online marketing needs.


What is review management?

Review management is the process of obtaining, responding to and promoting online reviews for your business. At Noble Webworks we have a platform or system that helps automates much of this process to increase your client feedback and improve your review star rating scores.

Why are customer reviews important?

Customer reviews are important for three primary reasons. First, your online reviews will influence potential customers either positively or negatively. Second, increasing your online reviews and your star rating score can benefit your local SEO score. Lastly obtaining customer feedback can help you improve your business products, services and processes.

Are Google reviews important?

Yes, Google reviews are very important. They provide Google with quality signals about a business and in turn Google can use that info in their ranking formula to either promote or demote a businesses visibility in the search results.

Are Google reviews anonymous?

Google reviews are not intended to be anonymous. It does require a person to have a Google account and be logged in to be able to leave a Google review for a business. However, someone can create a Google account using an alias and then use that account to post a review. But one safeguard that Google has in place is that you can click into a reviewers history of reviews to see how they rate other businesses and you can get an idea if that person is reasonable in their reviewing.

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