Taking Beiler’s Auto Repair from SEO Zero to SEO Hero

Case Study
Case study for Beiler's Auto Repair

Client Snapshot: Beiler’s Auto Repair

Based in Sarasota and established in 1980, Beiler’s Auto Repair (“Beiler’s”) provides wheel alignments, tire sales and repairs, oil changes, fluid maintenance services, brake repairs and service, electrical system service, and much more. They are considered by many drivers — including some families who have been happy customers for generations — to be the most qualified and friendliest full-service automotive center in Sarasota. To learn more, visit them online at: https://www.beilersautorepair.com.

Key Challenges:        

Beiler’s was facing a big challenge that is common to many successful businesses in virtually every sector and industry: despite having an outstanding reputation and generating a steady stream of word-of-mouth referrals, their SEO presence was virtually non-existent.

As a result, they were not connecting with the growing number of drivers of all ages and backgrounds who are searching the web for a trusted and local full-service automotive center.  Here were the (grizzly) primary SEO statistics for Beiler’s before they started working with us.

  • Visibility on Google and Bing: 9.5%
  • Keywords on the firsts page: 0
  • Keywords in the top 10 spaces: 0

Even in a market that is controlled by a small handful of players, these SEO numbers would be worrisome. But in the highly competitive auto repair space, there was an alarm bell that Beiler’s wisely heeded — which is what led them to ask their web designer for a recommendation.  Their web designer  highly recommended Noble Webworks to them which was terrific because the owner of Noble Webworks was a past client of Beiler’s.


Our team mobilized rapidly and implemented a 4-phase strategic plan that was designed not just to put Beiler’s on the SEO map, but to help them blow past their competition and put them in the rear view mirror (driving pun intended!).

> Phase 1: Research and Analysis

We started by researching and analyzing the marketplace and Beiler’s buyer personas (i.e. ideal target customers) to identify the optimal keyword set. This phase is EXTREMELY important, yet is overlooked by many online marketing agencies and consultants that either don’t know how to do it, or they don’t want to invest the time because it eats into their profit margins. Unfortunately, by the time their customers realize that they’re saddled with the wrong keywords, it’s too late: the agreement has been signed and the proverbial check has been cashed.  

> Phase 2: On-Site Optimization

Next we optimized Beiler’s website for the selected keywords by re-writing existing content, creating new content, and ensuring that search engine spiders had all of the information they needed, in the format that they wanted. For those unfamiliar with the process: search engine spiders are automated programs that visit websites to see what they do, who they serve, how they are positioned relative to the competition in their marketplace, and so on. Many business websites do not communicate effectively (or sometimes at all) with the search engine spiders, which has a direct and massive negative impact on their SEO profile and positioning.

> Phase 3: Off-Site Optimization

Once we optimized Beiler’s website, we extended the scope and focused on off-page optimization so they would be found in the right places by prospective customers — and of course, by Google and Bing’s search spiders. Our work in this phase included:

  • Creating Beiler’s “Google My Business” page and ensuring that it contained all of the information that Google wants to see (e.g. full list of services, accurate business information, photos, etc.)
  • Adding Beiler’s to all of the top local review directories.
  • Publishing articles on reputable websites with direct links to Beiler’s website.

> Phase 4: Ongoing Support

SEO is not a “set it and forget it” effort. It is like getting healthy: once a person builds a solid foundation, they need to maintain it — or else it’s just a matter of time before gains erode, and wins turn into losses.

With this in mind, we provided Beiler’s with a steady stream of fresh, original and customer-focused content to support current and new keywords. All of our content is crafted by professional SEO writers who know what works on the web and for target audiences — and just as importantly, they know what doesn’t work!


Per our efforts, and also thanks to the outstanding team at Beiler’s who were (and remain) a delight to work with, we achieved results that even surpassed our high expectations. Specifically, in less than one year:  

  • Visibility on Google & Bing increased 271% (from 9.5% to 35.29%).
  • Keywords on the first page increased from 0 to 4
  • Keywords in the top 10 spaces increased from 0 to 8

In addition, we positioned Beiler’s in the top 5 for 3 of the most competitive and coveted keyword phrases available: “auto repair Sarasota”, “ auto repair Sarasota FL” and “Sarasota auto repair”. There are repair centers in the area that have been vying for those keywords for MANY YEARS — and in less than 1 year, Beiler’s was rockin’ them!

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